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International Association of Medical and Biomedical Researchers (USA)

Chairman - Dr Okezie Aruoma, Professor of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science
Vice Chairman - Dr Arun Kumar Agnihotri, Professor of Forensic Pathology
Vice President, Healthcare Research - Dr Andre Mollajani

The International Association of Medical and Biomedical Researchers (IAMBR) was founded by Arun Kumar Agnihotri in December 2010 with the objective to motivate and sensitize the people of medical and related professions to participate in medical and biomedical research through the scientific meetings, which facilitate the interaction between scientific workers, and registered in Mauritius on February 16, 2011.


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Research and Innovation

Center for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation

New Business Enterprises

Investment Opportunities

  • Assist in preparing an investment policy statement.
  • Identification of time horizon for investments.
  • Recommendation of an asset allocation to match risk, time horizon, and other parameters.
  • Recommendation for selecting a portfolio manager to implement investments.
  • Service will be rendered and provided through major licensed brokerage firms and banks.

Selection and Pitch Deck

  • Long list/shortlist (Long term/short term overview of Company portfolio)
  • Address fit for potential investors
  • Management presentations
  • Capital structure (equity, debt financing)

Due Deligence

  • Checklist
  • Preparing data room
  • Due deligence coordination
  • Due deligence meetings


  • Internal due diligence
  • Business Plan
  • Analysis Market/Competition
  • Company Presentation
  • Company valuation
  • Equity Process


  • Content sharing agreements
  • Negotiations and communication channels
  • Coordination of all parties
  • Signing and closing