Global PharmaHealth Investors Inc.


Commitments and Activities

The activities of Global PharmaHealth Investors Inc. will include but not limited to:

  1. Building and establishing Universities and Research Institutions with required integrated and accreditation domain in the Country of operation.
  2. Fostering and development of scientific integration and innovative healthcare forum globally.
  3. Promoting career development opportunities for health care professionals and biomedical scientists globally.
  4. Encouraging research collaboration between Universities and Institutes in emerging economies with counterparts in the developed economies in pursuit of advancing scientific knowledge.

The Global PharmaHealth Investors Inc. is committed to:

  1. Revitalizing and reinvigorating competences in health care (and its management), scientific and cultural education globally.
  2. Facilitating capacity development to meet research requirements in emerging economy and foster competency transfer.
  3. Evaluating the availability of the technology to train future generation of pharmaceutical and biomedical scientists. Engendering greater communication among scientists and establishing national, regional and international collaborations.
  4. Facilitate the rebranding scientific infrastructure in under-represented countries and benchmarking appropriately with emerging economies.
  5. Establishing disease prevention services to enable development of effective interventions and strategies for infectious diseases.
  6. Promote and facilitate the adoption of nutrition-based therapeutic approaches including supporting the development and delivery of micro and macro nutrient supplementation programs, facilitating population wellbeing.
  7. Identify and implement culturally appropriate and sustainable methods for improving nutrition and quality of life.
  8. Seeking international cooperation for support initiatives to provide sustainable safe and clean water supplies.
  9. Fostering the manufacture of medicines to meet supply and access demands in impacted healthcare system.