Global PharmaHealth Investors Inc.

Executive Team

Okezie I Aruoma

President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Aruoma oversees the Corporate Affairs of Global PharmHealth Investors (GPHI) Inc, benchmarked on planning and directing all aspects of the Organization's policies, objectives, and initiatives including responsibility for the short- and long-term profitability and growth of GPHI. Dr Aruoma is a strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Business Administration, Management and Operations from University of Warwick - Warwick Business School. Dr Aruoma is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Scientist of the Science Council, UK. Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry is the highest category of membership. Dr Aruoma is a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and member of the UK’s Institute of Directors. Dr Aruoma is an accomplished international scientists and author of ten books including Molecular Biology of Free Radical in Human Diseases, DNA & Free Radicals: Techniques, Mechanisms and Applications and Free Radicals in Tropical Diseases and has had more than 250 papers published in high ranking scientific journals. Dr Aruoma has served as guest editor for numerous special issues in peer-reviewed scientific journals including Special Issue on Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics: Future of Biomarkers in Personalized Medicine; Toxicology; Special Issue on Dietary Nutraceuticals and Age Management Medicine, Preventive Medicine; and, Special Issue on Inflammation, cellular and redox signaling mechanisms in cancer and degenerative diseases, Mutation Research /Fundamental and Molecular mechanism of Mutagenesis. Dr Aruoma has over 28 years of experience in biomedical research focused on food biofactors, oxidative stress mechanisms, antioxidant pharmacology and the pharmaceutical indications of medicinal plants as prophylactic agents. Dr Aruoma’s expertise is directed at developing promising portfolio of biomarkers, food/pharmaceutical agents, safety and regulation pharmaceuticals and novel drug delivery system which have the potential to provide early diagnostic and preventative treatment for acute and chronic diseases with overt inflammation. Dr Aruoma will work closely with the Vice-presidents of the organization for the strategic planning and operational aspects of policies, objectives, and initiatives to enhance sustainability, profitability and growth of the of the organization, with experiences bench-marked on training in business administration and leadership in academia, research scholarship, technological innovation and entrepreneurship that caters for the sustainability of business enterprises. Dr Aruoma’s corporate responsibilities extend to the development of global education, global pharmacy and pharmaceutical drug development and global health initiatives as well as exploring funding opportunities to support research, scholarship and establishment of new business enterprises.

Arun Kumar Agnihotri

Vice-President of Operations

Dr. Agnihotri, as Vice-President for Operations oversees the affairs of Global Pharm Health Investors Inc. ensuring effective supply chain to fulfill institutional mission and goals and provides academic vision and organizational leadership. Dr. Agnihothri who is a Forensic Pathologist with more than 20 years of experience in academia exudes both the organizational and leadership skills to drive scientific innovations and foster intellectual exchange across national Borders are pivotal in the sustainable growth of the business eminence of Global PharmHealth Investors Inc. Dr. Agnihotri has a passion for research and has authored an impressive body of scientific literature on forensic pathology, forensic anthropology, clinical forensic medicine as well as medical education. Dr. Agnihotri has served on the review board as one of the international reviewers of Minimum Standards for Forensic Medicine Practice, a standard document for Forensic Medicine in Africa and also as guest editor for the special issue on Inflammation, cellular and redox signaling mechanisms in cancer and degenerative diseases in Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis. Dr. Agnihotri has over 20 years of research and teaching experience in forensic medicine. Dr. Agnihotri’s expertise is mainly focused on forensic anthropology with a key element in identifying unknown individuals and compiled a comprehensive database of anthropometric data about the Mauritian population and has compiled a database for this ethnic cohort, and has been referred to by numerous other researchers and authors working in this field. Dr. Agnihotri has been nominated as a member of Disaster Victim Identification Team Africa by ICRC forensic unit during ASFM Conference at Nairobi in Kenya in March 2015. Dr Agnihotri is an Editor in Chief and Publisher of the ‘Internet Journal of Medical Update’ since the year 2005, a Founder and current President of International Association of Medical and Biomedical Researchers and a Managing Editor and Publisher of the new peer reviewed scientific journal ‘Archives of Medical and Biomedical Research’. Dr. Agnihotri will provide leadership and guidance in stewarding the organization through inevitable change which integrates different points of view and builds ownership to support the successful operational implementation operationalize the Labor-Management Partnership throughout the organization.

Andre Mollajani

Vice-President for Global Education and Healthcare Research

Dr. Andre Mollajani has over 30 years of experience in academia and a rich entrepreneurial experience in the management of organizations that include small and medium sized businesses in France and the United States, with portfolios in Human Resources, Recruitment, Job Placement, e-recruitment, Human Resources Research, Education, Software engineering, News agency, Publication, private and public media, publication and export- import. Dr. Mollajani founded a Research Center in the Social Human Resources while running the Quantitative/Qualitative Research Department of the Multinational American Company TMP. Dr. Mollajani established a News Agency in France that provided, for years, news, analysis, consultation and interviews to different media. Dr Mollajani created two publishing houses in Paris that specialized in Social Sciences Books and in the field of publishing and printing. Dr Mollajani has taught for years in France for French and English speaking higher education institutes like University of Paris VIII, University of La Sorbonne (INALCO) and in several private schools for undergraduate programs. Dr Mollajani has taught for several years in the graduate programs at Delta International University and acted and served as Director of Overseas programs. Dr Mollajani created an Educational Software Production company and presented its multimedia software on the online market and a Languages Education Institute for the French and Persian languages. Dr. Mollajani’s acumen in the media and entertainment business not only led to creation of a Radio Satellite Station, TV channels management and TV Satellite Station but for more than ten years have been managing the business activities of a Cultural Non-Profit Organization with activities focused on consultation, publication, audio-video production, education and broadcasting. Dr. Mollajani serves as a consultant for Business projects in the field of Health, Media and Higher Education (medical sociology), a producer and broadcaster of educational and analytical programs with media productions in English, French and Persian. Incumbent on the skills of Dr. Mollajani duties as the Vice-President for Global Education and Healthcare Research at Global PharmHealth Investors Inc. will benefit from skills that encompass several business projects as consultant, project designer, project manager or marketing manager in the fields of healthcare, education, commerce and technology which will position the growth and business activities of the organization.

Coletta President Aruoma

Vice President Diversity, Inclusion and Public Relations

Coletta President-Aruoma as Vice-President of Diversity, Inclusion and Public Relations brings her experiences to Global PharmHealth Investors Inc having served as a Diplomat and Chief of Protocol in the Ministry of External Relations, International Trade and Civil Aviation for the government of Saint Lucia, managing the department of Protocol and Consular relations. Duties in the Diplomatic Services included supervising all aspects of Government Protocol and Consular Relations, organizing all official ministerial and state activities and official visits, overseeing the protection of privileges and immunities of diplomats. As Vice-President of Diversity, Inclusion and Public Relations Coletta President-Aruoma’s vision is to make a significant contribution through education to the world community targeting women and men of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds who wish to achieve excellence and serve their communities. In creating a tradition of leadership and innovations and a commitment to excellence, demonstrated through but not limited to advocating knowledge based approach to teaching and creating world-class environment for innovation and developing a vision for research, creating and delivering active learning environment, offering high-quality learning environment, advocating emphasis on employability and entrepreneurship. Responsibilities include recognizing and embracing the worth of individuals in the diverse populations and develop greater understanding of the effects of diversity in populations on individual’s health and creating models provide more individualistic care, based upon culture and genetic differences. Coletta President-Aruoma expertise extends to the International Politics of the Negotiations of the Convention on Climate Change, Theory of International Relations, International Law, International Economics, International Relations of Latin America and the Caribbean, International Politics and the dynamics of International Trade and Finance, International Law, Media Studies and Information Technology as they relate to modern day Diplomacy. Coletta President-Aruoma served as the Chief of Political and Economic Division Ministry External Relations and as Chief of Delegation for the government of Saint Lucia on negotiations of the Climate Change convention. As Vice-President of Diversity, Inclusion and Public Relations Coletta President-Aruoma's stills will combine to harmonize the national and international global corporate perspectives of the organization on sustainable development.